Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Saturdays & Mondays

Two of the most popular days in a week. Saturdays are meant for Saturday night plans. Poor Sundays get pushed in a corner for nursing hangovers, breakups, throwing up, whining about Monday, estra estra (as Rakhi Sawant puts it). Mondays are the days where everyone is nursing a hangover for the hangover which happened on Sunday. Hence, the illnesses of nausea, headache, stomach ache, migraine, estra estra (as Rakhi Sawant puts it). So last to last Saturday we (we as in my friends and moi) went to this new place called "kir". Then we went club hopping. I have ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY no clue whose idea was it to go to Hawaiian Shack. On a Saturday NIGHT!!!!! No place to breathe, no place to move, hell no place to scratch your nose. But the plus point: in the midst of the crowd you end up getting free shots. But the music I heard, I could have gone to Hard Rock and had a MUCH better time AND would have been possibly drunk which was NOT a possibility there. It is a nice place but definitely a no go on a sat or fri night. From there we went to Bling. Since we were in 3 wheelers, we had to get out at the main entrance and walk like 10 kilo meters till the place. Then we were refused entry. When we finally got inside it was oooookay. So I was down 4 drinks, 1 shot, 1 beer and my card slips which I was not looking at and just swiping my card everywhere and no sign of any tipsy-ness. Yes, twas my Saturday night. Happening, eh?

Today my friends, I went for New Moon. Loved it till the very end. I dont care what the critics have to say. It was definitely much better than Twilight. The direction, make up and special effects were great. The scenes chosen from the book were appropriate. Ok here is a lil history lesson. It is a 4-book series which talks about the love story between a vegetarian vampire and a human girl. (Vegetarian Vampire Rule: Thou shalt not eat humans. Thou shalt only kill the animals. Thou shalt have so much will power that thou shalt make humans feel like huge losers.) So Twilight (the 1st part) is an introduction to all the characters and the love between Bella (hmph!) and Edward (sigh!). So they, like I said but will reiterate it again, fall in love. In the 2nd movie (New Moon) Edward realizes that it is dangerous for Bella to be around him and his "family" so he leaves her high and dry on the highway. She is miserable. Not talking, not eating, not moving as months pass by. Then she meets her new BFF Jacob Black who is actually a werewolf. You lucky girl, you. He is, obviously, in love with her and she does too but only as a friend. Story of my life as well. By turn of events, Edward gets to know that Bella is (gasp!) dead. He is about to get himself killed when our Bella runs alive and kicking and stops him from doing the most stupidest thing of the millenia. She gets back to him. Now we are waiting for Eclipse (the 3rd part). I will not deny it but I am freakin' jealous.

You can throw tomatoes at me for being the worst critic EVER. Beer and chocolates will be a better option though.

Friday, July 3, 2009


I am sitting on the laptop (not literally of course. I love it too much to bring harm to that), its 03:38 am. Yeah I am sitting alone at the dining table and writing this out 'cuz i need to get it out of my system and if I don't I will end up screaming and that will wake up my room mates and trust me it will NOT be a purty sight.

My stomach is growling with hunger and there's nothing and I mean NOTHING at home to eat. I know my family will hyperventilate if they come to know I am hunting like a hungry wolf to look for anything edible at 03:43 am, but hey I just had a couple of pieces of fruits. I am ALLOWED to feel hungry.

Since this is about the night (and trust me nothing interesting happens in my life at night) I am a leetle sleepy and everything is Boring and badly put.......... (What? I am trying to market my other blog, ya know!)

Nice talking to ya,
g'night, uh I mean g'morning.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Well, not EXACTLY an adventure but weird. So last night my flatmates a.k.a my friends and I were sitting in the living room and having a conversation and watching tv. So at around 2:30 someone rang our bell. My friend looked at me and asked if every1 was at home. The problem was that everyone WAS home. We, unfortunately, do NOT have a peep hole. (Andhra houses are weird. The puja room is bigger than the master bed room. Note: I do not have anything against God or puja.) Anyway we went to the kitchen to look from the window and could not see anyone. So we thought that either its a monkey (what? there are some 10 -20 monkeys hanging from our building) or it is one of our friends who live in the other building playing a prank after coming back from a party. The amount of time it took for us to think about various possibilities, whatever or whoever it was, had the bloody audacity, AUDACITY to ring it again. So we were about to open the door thinking it is someone we know but luckily our brains worked and we did not. The person tried ringing the bell again but we saw a flash of light blue and he (?) ran away. So IF the person comes back tonight or whenever it or he feels like, I will make sure that he will regret that it or his mom EVER met it or his dad. Anyway so we were paranoid the entire night, but my friend was snoring in a minute.

So I am waiting for that thing to come back and I will definitely take a rolling pin and beat the crap out of it.

Else if it is a person, I Will ask him to sponsor my shoes. (evil laugh)

Friday, April 10, 2009

ISB Graduation! Woohoo!

Yeah so last week I went for my sis's graduation. In ISB, people!!!!!!!! And oh my Gawd! the chief guest was the ex- CEO of Vodafone (Mr. Arun Sarin). AND the Dean of Kellogs Univ. How cool is tht? Though I must admit Dr. Jain's (the dean, ppl!) speech was THE BEST! It was hilarious and it had me in splits. Saw my sister graduating and I was so proud. Yeah ppl look at me and say, "look at your sister. What are you gonna do?" They think I am dumb or something. Yeah so my Geography is a leetle bad and so is my historical facts and um, a lil arithmatic, but hey I aint dumb.

On Sunday, I came back in the night after bidding goodbye to my family and took Pokey (it is my friend's supposedly pet snail but she did not know how to take care of it and was scared and shifted out of the city so I came to the rescue. Thats me doing good to people) back and tried feeding it Quaker Oats and some leaves. I think it ate it otherwise it is going thin. I have no clue about its gender.

Yeah nothing exciting has happened in my life as such. I just come back from work and sleep as if I am drugged and this goes on everyday. Sigh!

I swear I will definitely come back with something more exciting!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Awards - What a waste!?

Yup, I totally agree with this title. Awards are a waste according to me. Waste of money, time and my energy when I could have been doing much better things in life. Hey its a democratic country (where slowly 'n' slowly everyones' freedom of speech is being taken away) so I get to say whatever I feel like. I saw the Filmmfare Awards tonight and I have just one word for them (actually 2), "Utter nonesense". My respect for these awards has gone down completely. It is so low, that to come up it will have to come up through the ground. I mean, movies are supposed to get the awards based on their cast? Based on their BO earnings? Based on their "commercialisation"? Or based on their true performance? Movies like A Wednesday and Aamir were or rather are, two of the finest movies I have seen in Bollywod and I am shocked, SHOCKED, that they did not win even one award. They deserved it. I agree Jodha Akbar deserved The Best Director, but I am sorry it did NOT deserve The Best Film or The Best Actor. I might be trashing some 3-4 years of hardwork in 3 hours but thats the harsh truth (I slept ff in the movie. I am all for the ol' Hindi and the acting and the sets but it was stretched). In business, shite happens! For what did it win the best film? For the controversies over King Akbar's wife? Over the dialogues? Seriously?
Anyway, I am sure you get my 'idea' of Filmfare Awards and what I think of 'em. I don't think I need to say anything further.
Last night I went partying. Ended up with puking outside a club and a baaaad hangover in the morning. Was fun.

Monday, February 23, 2009

'nother 'un!

Yeah 'twas a Sunday. Had a party that night. I have realized whatever everyone says that to look sexy is not about the body or what you wear but the way you feel, I have one thing to say to them "Its utter crap; and that photography and light play a VERY important role as well". I saw the snaps and I wanted to jump out of the window. But there wasn't any. Thats not the point. I had worn an LBD and I felt my body was sexy, me dress was sexy, hell I FELT sexy, but did the photos and the cellulite which I thought was well hidden 'cuz of my heels made me feel sexy. Of course not. Hence, my above mentioned opinion to the people out there. Please do not get me wrong. I am extremely +ve in my thinking and my day to day life. But hellow, even the Dalai Lama doesn't feel good every passing second. I am sure he must be losing it, though not showing it.
Anywho, I hate photos, I hate wrong angles, I need to work out (which I am doing, I swear), I basically need a good camera man at a venue with excellent, sensor lighting which changes when an over wt. person (read: me) passes by.
I need to have a chocolate.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Valentines Day to remember

Yeah so 14th Feb was fast approaching and all of us were deciding to what to do on this god forsaken day. No don't get me wrong, I luuuurrrrve love but do not have anyone to share this 'special' day with. Anywho, my friend and I (she is committed, FYI) decided to get a huge bucket of KFC and a huge tub of Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chip cookies sprinkled on it and watch reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S or chick flicks. And I wanted to listen to "All by myself......" and have box of Kleenex as well. Well, whaddya know we ended up watching a movie that night with a chocolate shake in this theatre. Saw Changeling. As intellectual as I am I do not understand the meaning of the title, but I must say I think the movie exceeded my expectations. It was too good. The acting, the casting, the story, the setting, the dialogues, the scenes ESPECIALLY the court scene! If its a true story, then I hope whoever was involved in torturing the crap out of Christine Collins is rotting in hell! Poor thing, loses her son but finds hope to find him after she gives up everything. The court scene is amazing.

Well on Wednesday night I saw Dev D. Contemporary Devdas. I was surprised to see 5 stars for it for the review in TOI. But frankly, I think it deserves all the accolades and the stars it got. Its not a movie which has mass appeal. It is not as emotional as Devdas but you feel sorry for the protagonist. It is a bold movie, it will give you a depressing feeeling. If for nothing else, go for Abhay Deol's acting and the songs. Ooh am I addicted to them!

Yeah say it. I know I aint that great in writing movie reviews, but what the hell!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Party! Party! Party!

Well, yes I HAVE been going to parties. Pg 3 parties I might add. For two days....... Continuously. Ha! Obviously my pic did NOT feature in pg 3. I was hoping it does though. What a disappointment! On Thursday I had gone out for this club launch. It was a dry day tho. But its alright as we managed to get G & T there as our Dir of F&B had also come. it was fun. Saw Sania Mirza. God, that woman needs a stylist.

On Friday we had gone for this fashion show in this popular night club as it was there 6th anniversary. Fashion Show n me is like hot toast n butter! It was nice but boring cuz it was jam packed, people were falling all over each other to get a glimpse of the models, the gap between each round was too big AND I was wearing this vertiginous heels which were extremely tight for me. I was convincing myself that they are loosening up a bit but honestly, I was wearing 'em cuz they had featured in Vogue. But hey, I had bought 'em way before they were featured in that magazine.

Nothing much after that. I have never cooked in my entire life. But i had to cook for my friends last (Saturday) night as I had to treat 'em for this HUGE favour they had done for me.

Ok I gotta go n zzzzzz. Bright, Monday morning tomorrow. Cant wait for it to get over!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Piling up Pastrami

Last night I,

Dropped my sister off at the St. Regis hotel.
Nice hotel. Tad bit old fashioned, but gorgeous lobby with bronze/gold work. Plush, yes plush is a good word.
Met their personal Butler (yes Butler), a girl named King, no Keen, no Keana? No ....whatever, I didn't get the name.
She was very eager to help. She offered to unpack the bags.
And to pack them, if needed.
It was 10pm. We were all hungry. Dinner had to be decided upon. Not many options.
Sister 2 and bro-in-law shocked that hotel allows non-hotel food to be delivered.
Sister 1 insisted that we try Carnegie Deli.
Luck was on our side. Carnegie Deli delivers even at 10:15pm (yes time had passed and we had no decisions made).
We ordered from Carnegie Deli.
Food arrived. 7 whole pickles. Yum.
50 packets of ketchup. Why??
Piled up pastrami. It just doesn't get any better.

I dream of pastrami.
Piled high to the top
A slight push with the finger
And everything flops

You can have it anywhere
It'll never satisfy your belly
Until you order this mountain
Of Pastrami from Carnegie Deli

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hidden heels and no tears & no heels and hidden tears

Had a charity event in the hotel last night. My friend from the Marketing dept had the passes and apparently this really hot model (a.k.a. Milind Sonam) was s'posed to come. I was in no mood to go as I wanted to wear heels and COULDN'T! I was cranky, upset and kept on whining and was fighting back tears. I braved the world and went in the hopes of seeing that hot guy but did he turn up? With my luck, of course not! I am pretty sure if I would have stuck to my original decision of not going he would have definitely turned up and I wouldn't have seen him!

My new shoes are sitting pretty and gathering dust on them.

'Twas a Monday evening

I was free, I had nothing to do, no lists no nothing. Well, I am sure I had stuff, but I wasn’t going to do it. I was going to kick back, relax and enjoy the evening.

I did go work out though, after months. I’m not a good work-outer I must add. I enjoy aerobics, but where are the classes in NY? Ugh. Besides its too cold, I think ill just follow up on my interrupted Salsa classes. Back to last night. I decided to eat a light meal, but due to a friends insistence, I caved in and went for my favorite wings and burgers. Am shameless, I love food too much. I cannot resist. Luckily I don’t put as much weight, still I need to be healthier. At least I am thinking about it!

I am digressing too much. So it was cuppa chai, workout, shower, watching ‘How I met your mother’ while munching on wings and blue cheese dressing, then Two and a Half Men while trying to fit stacked up burger in mouth. Then a good ten minutes to wipe off all the mess I created.

Then heaven, I was in heaven. Kick back, relax, turn the heat up and journey with Anthony Bourdain!

Such is a perfect Monday night. Pray do tell, how yours was?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

And a new era begins!

Yup today is the 1st day of 2009. I thought spending the last night of 2008 at home in this small city is gonna be a total bummer. But as it turns out and as great people always have to SOMETIMES eat their words (in my case: thoughts) it was great. I really did not feel like partyin 'n' drinkin' in the wee hrs of the mornin' and see the sunrise. Wasn't up to it. It was a small family thing at home (dad, mom, grandma and moi) and a friend of parents. Had alcohol in front of them for the first time that's why stuck to only 1 'cuz mom was on the verge of fainting anyway (dunno whether it was 'cuz I was having alcohol or she was having wine). Food was yum! I got to see "Famous friends of F.R.I.E.N.D.S." Got the new yr in with laughter. 2008 turned to be a total washout, so it was good to start the new yr with laughter.
I got the 2008 in with a hangover on the day of an exam. Yep, you guessed it, turned out to be one of my better exams. So bringing in 2009 with laughter and lots of sleep at home was a refreshing change. Wanted to write this last night but then I thought though no one will ever know but inside I would have definitely felt like a loser. Hence, the blog right now in the afternoon.