Sunday, February 8, 2009

Party! Party! Party!

Well, yes I HAVE been going to parties. Pg 3 parties I might add. For two days....... Continuously. Ha! Obviously my pic did NOT feature in pg 3. I was hoping it does though. What a disappointment! On Thursday I had gone out for this club launch. It was a dry day tho. But its alright as we managed to get G & T there as our Dir of F&B had also come. it was fun. Saw Sania Mirza. God, that woman needs a stylist.

On Friday we had gone for this fashion show in this popular night club as it was there 6th anniversary. Fashion Show n me is like hot toast n butter! It was nice but boring cuz it was jam packed, people were falling all over each other to get a glimpse of the models, the gap between each round was too big AND I was wearing this vertiginous heels which were extremely tight for me. I was convincing myself that they are loosening up a bit but honestly, I was wearing 'em cuz they had featured in Vogue. But hey, I had bought 'em way before they were featured in that magazine.

Nothing much after that. I have never cooked in my entire life. But i had to cook for my friends last (Saturday) night as I had to treat 'em for this HUGE favour they had done for me.

Ok I gotta go n zzzzzz. Bright, Monday morning tomorrow. Cant wait for it to get over!


SSQuo said...

You're back to wearing those stilts, good for ya! And back to gracing events with your presence.

If you do make it on Page 3, save the clipping and send me a copy ok? I can then say I know a 'celebrity'.:)

Anand said...

Page 3 parties suck...expect for the booze and seeing the celebs.
Don't they?
I liked my stay in here. Ill visit u again.
Keep it up.
AB. :-)