Friday, July 3, 2009


I am sitting on the laptop (not literally of course. I love it too much to bring harm to that), its 03:38 am. Yeah I am sitting alone at the dining table and writing this out 'cuz i need to get it out of my system and if I don't I will end up screaming and that will wake up my room mates and trust me it will NOT be a purty sight.

My stomach is growling with hunger and there's nothing and I mean NOTHING at home to eat. I know my family will hyperventilate if they come to know I am hunting like a hungry wolf to look for anything edible at 03:43 am, but hey I just had a couple of pieces of fruits. I am ALLOWED to feel hungry.

Since this is about the night (and trust me nothing interesting happens in my life at night) I am a leetle sleepy and everything is Boring and badly put.......... (What? I am trying to market my other blog, ya know!)

Nice talking to ya,
g'night, uh I mean g'morning.