Monday, March 9, 2009

Awards - What a waste!?

Yup, I totally agree with this title. Awards are a waste according to me. Waste of money, time and my energy when I could have been doing much better things in life. Hey its a democratic country (where slowly 'n' slowly everyones' freedom of speech is being taken away) so I get to say whatever I feel like. I saw the Filmmfare Awards tonight and I have just one word for them (actually 2), "Utter nonesense". My respect for these awards has gone down completely. It is so low, that to come up it will have to come up through the ground. I mean, movies are supposed to get the awards based on their cast? Based on their BO earnings? Based on their "commercialisation"? Or based on their true performance? Movies like A Wednesday and Aamir were or rather are, two of the finest movies I have seen in Bollywod and I am shocked, SHOCKED, that they did not win even one award. They deserved it. I agree Jodha Akbar deserved The Best Director, but I am sorry it did NOT deserve The Best Film or The Best Actor. I might be trashing some 3-4 years of hardwork in 3 hours but thats the harsh truth (I slept ff in the movie. I am all for the ol' Hindi and the acting and the sets but it was stretched). In business, shite happens! For what did it win the best film? For the controversies over King Akbar's wife? Over the dialogues? Seriously?
Anyway, I am sure you get my 'idea' of Filmfare Awards and what I think of 'em. I don't think I need to say anything further.
Last night I went partying. Ended up with puking outside a club and a baaaad hangover in the morning. Was fun.