Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Saturdays & Mondays

Two of the most popular days in a week. Saturdays are meant for Saturday night plans. Poor Sundays get pushed in a corner for nursing hangovers, breakups, throwing up, whining about Monday, estra estra (as Rakhi Sawant puts it). Mondays are the days where everyone is nursing a hangover for the hangover which happened on Sunday. Hence, the illnesses of nausea, headache, stomach ache, migraine, estra estra (as Rakhi Sawant puts it). So last to last Saturday we (we as in my friends and moi) went to this new place called "kir". Then we went club hopping. I have ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY no clue whose idea was it to go to Hawaiian Shack. On a Saturday NIGHT!!!!! No place to breathe, no place to move, hell no place to scratch your nose. But the plus point: in the midst of the crowd you end up getting free shots. But the music I heard, I could have gone to Hard Rock and had a MUCH better time AND would have been possibly drunk which was NOT a possibility there. It is a nice place but definitely a no go on a sat or fri night. From there we went to Bling. Since we were in 3 wheelers, we had to get out at the main entrance and walk like 10 kilo meters till the place. Then we were refused entry. When we finally got inside it was oooookay. So I was down 4 drinks, 1 shot, 1 beer and my card slips which I was not looking at and just swiping my card everywhere and no sign of any tipsy-ness. Yes, twas my Saturday night. Happening, eh?

Today my friends, I went for New Moon. Loved it till the very end. I dont care what the critics have to say. It was definitely much better than Twilight. The direction, make up and special effects were great. The scenes chosen from the book were appropriate. Ok here is a lil history lesson. It is a 4-book series which talks about the love story between a vegetarian vampire and a human girl. (Vegetarian Vampire Rule: Thou shalt not eat humans. Thou shalt only kill the animals. Thou shalt have so much will power that thou shalt make humans feel like huge losers.) So Twilight (the 1st part) is an introduction to all the characters and the love between Bella (hmph!) and Edward (sigh!). So they, like I said but will reiterate it again, fall in love. In the 2nd movie (New Moon) Edward realizes that it is dangerous for Bella to be around him and his "family" so he leaves her high and dry on the highway. She is miserable. Not talking, not eating, not moving as months pass by. Then she meets her new BFF Jacob Black who is actually a werewolf. You lucky girl, you. He is, obviously, in love with her and she does too but only as a friend. Story of my life as well. By turn of events, Edward gets to know that Bella is (gasp!) dead. He is about to get himself killed when our Bella runs alive and kicking and stops him from doing the most stupidest thing of the millenia. She gets back to him. Now we are waiting for Eclipse (the 3rd part). I will not deny it but I am freakin' jealous.

You can throw tomatoes at me for being the worst critic EVER. Beer and chocolates will be a better option though.


SC said...

Awesum descriptions!!!!!!!!

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

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