Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hidden heels and no tears & no heels and hidden tears

Had a charity event in the hotel last night. My friend from the Marketing dept had the passes and apparently this really hot model (a.k.a. Milind Sonam) was s'posed to come. I was in no mood to go as I wanted to wear heels and COULDN'T! I was cranky, upset and kept on whining and was fighting back tears. I braved the world and went in the hopes of seeing that hot guy but did he turn up? With my luck, of course not! I am pretty sure if I would have stuck to my original decision of not going he would have definitely turned up and I wouldn't have seen him!

My new shoes are sitting pretty and gathering dust on them.

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SSQuo said...

Very soon itll be heels heels and No tears. Its just a matter of time.

Btw, I just saw Milind on some show here, he's greying, married to a Russian, his co-star in a movie or something.