Thursday, January 1, 2009

And a new era begins!

Yup today is the 1st day of 2009. I thought spending the last night of 2008 at home in this small city is gonna be a total bummer. But as it turns out and as great people always have to SOMETIMES eat their words (in my case: thoughts) it was great. I really did not feel like partyin 'n' drinkin' in the wee hrs of the mornin' and see the sunrise. Wasn't up to it. It was a small family thing at home (dad, mom, grandma and moi) and a friend of parents. Had alcohol in front of them for the first time that's why stuck to only 1 'cuz mom was on the verge of fainting anyway (dunno whether it was 'cuz I was having alcohol or she was having wine). Food was yum! I got to see "Famous friends of F.R.I.E.N.D.S." Got the new yr in with laughter. 2008 turned to be a total washout, so it was good to start the new yr with laughter.
I got the 2008 in with a hangover on the day of an exam. Yep, you guessed it, turned out to be one of my better exams. So bringing in 2009 with laughter and lots of sleep at home was a refreshing change. Wanted to write this last night but then I thought though no one will ever know but inside I would have definitely felt like a loser. Hence, the blog right now in the afternoon.

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SSQuo said...

Here's to 2009!

Not a loser if you stay home, you were with the closest people, thats the most important thing!!its just a different way of celebrating it, thats all. This way you probably remember more of the night, than any other year though! dont think you could have written a post on Jan 1st any other

We headed out after dinner and margaritas and braced the 2degree Fahrenheit weather...hmm lets see thats -16.6 Celcius WITHOUT windchill! With the wind, well I dont want to know what it is. It was cold even for me, on of the coldest nights I think, but the walk along the water was amazing, lots of people,fireworks, people screaming from houses, etc. it was just the entire NY spirit. Well worth it! Hope to post something soon, give me a week or so.