Sunday, April 19, 2009


Well, not EXACTLY an adventure but weird. So last night my flatmates a.k.a my friends and I were sitting in the living room and having a conversation and watching tv. So at around 2:30 someone rang our bell. My friend looked at me and asked if every1 was at home. The problem was that everyone WAS home. We, unfortunately, do NOT have a peep hole. (Andhra houses are weird. The puja room is bigger than the master bed room. Note: I do not have anything against God or puja.) Anyway we went to the kitchen to look from the window and could not see anyone. So we thought that either its a monkey (what? there are some 10 -20 monkeys hanging from our building) or it is one of our friends who live in the other building playing a prank after coming back from a party. The amount of time it took for us to think about various possibilities, whatever or whoever it was, had the bloody audacity, AUDACITY to ring it again. So we were about to open the door thinking it is someone we know but luckily our brains worked and we did not. The person tried ringing the bell again but we saw a flash of light blue and he (?) ran away. So IF the person comes back tonight or whenever it or he feels like, I will make sure that he will regret that it or his mom EVER met it or his dad. Anyway so we were paranoid the entire night, but my friend was snoring in a minute.

So I am waiting for that thing to come back and I will definitely take a rolling pin and beat the crap out of it.

Else if it is a person, I Will ask him to sponsor my shoes. (evil laugh)

Friday, April 10, 2009

ISB Graduation! Woohoo!

Yeah so last week I went for my sis's graduation. In ISB, people!!!!!!!! And oh my Gawd! the chief guest was the ex- CEO of Vodafone (Mr. Arun Sarin). AND the Dean of Kellogs Univ. How cool is tht? Though I must admit Dr. Jain's (the dean, ppl!) speech was THE BEST! It was hilarious and it had me in splits. Saw my sister graduating and I was so proud. Yeah ppl look at me and say, "look at your sister. What are you gonna do?" They think I am dumb or something. Yeah so my Geography is a leetle bad and so is my historical facts and um, a lil arithmatic, but hey I aint dumb.

On Sunday, I came back in the night after bidding goodbye to my family and took Pokey (it is my friend's supposedly pet snail but she did not know how to take care of it and was scared and shifted out of the city so I came to the rescue. Thats me doing good to people) back and tried feeding it Quaker Oats and some leaves. I think it ate it otherwise it is going thin. I have no clue about its gender.

Yeah nothing exciting has happened in my life as such. I just come back from work and sleep as if I am drugged and this goes on everyday. Sigh!

I swear I will definitely come back with something more exciting!