Saturday, February 21, 2009

Valentines Day to remember

Yeah so 14th Feb was fast approaching and all of us were deciding to what to do on this god forsaken day. No don't get me wrong, I luuuurrrrve love but do not have anyone to share this 'special' day with. Anywho, my friend and I (she is committed, FYI) decided to get a huge bucket of KFC and a huge tub of Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chip cookies sprinkled on it and watch reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S or chick flicks. And I wanted to listen to "All by myself......" and have box of Kleenex as well. Well, whaddya know we ended up watching a movie that night with a chocolate shake in this theatre. Saw Changeling. As intellectual as I am I do not understand the meaning of the title, but I must say I think the movie exceeded my expectations. It was too good. The acting, the casting, the story, the setting, the dialogues, the scenes ESPECIALLY the court scene! If its a true story, then I hope whoever was involved in torturing the crap out of Christine Collins is rotting in hell! Poor thing, loses her son but finds hope to find him after she gives up everything. The court scene is amazing.

Well on Wednesday night I saw Dev D. Contemporary Devdas. I was surprised to see 5 stars for it for the review in TOI. But frankly, I think it deserves all the accolades and the stars it got. Its not a movie which has mass appeal. It is not as emotional as Devdas but you feel sorry for the protagonist. It is a bold movie, it will give you a depressing feeeling. If for nothing else, go for Abhay Deol's acting and the songs. Ooh am I addicted to them!

Yeah say it. I know I aint that great in writing movie reviews, but what the hell!


Anand said...

Nahh,I think ur grt in reviews. Aren't like and dislike supposed to be subjective in nature??

Btw, check this out. U mite like it. N' if u do like it, use it. :-)

Oh n' thanxso much for ur comment in my blog. Glad u liked it.
Anand. :-)

Anand said...

And heyyy..It was sposed to be an all guy post..
Ppl dont heed warnings lately..Wot's this world comin' to these days?

Anand said...

Ppl will read ur blog. It's good. Have patience.
Ab stands for..well..keep it to ur self,will ya?
Stupid freinds of mine say I look like Abhishek AB..
Somehow that thing leaked out, got famous and everybody calls me that now. (Still lookin for the guy who squealed..).

A suggestion? - remove the word verification thing for comments on ur blog. Helps.

Anand said...
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Anand said...

"everything's fair and unwanted things r not read/ heard in the blog world"

If we sit together someday..a BIG IF, I will explain why that is not true..
But trust me..everything is read and heard..only u dont get to know about it..

Oh and keep adding to ur blog..Id like to read more. -)

Btw, wot mite ur name be?

Anand said...

Megha Gupta, We seem to be chatting here, arent we? N I'd like to confess I'm loving every bit of it. :-)
Well Im happy being AB as long as long as its me they think of when they take the name. Im much happy being me. Abhishek can be me if he likes to but not vice versa.
BA honours HMT..BBA. Heavy duty.
About ur age..lemme guess now (I'm good with guessess and gases).If ur done with BBA and HMT , U shud be anywhere between age...umm..well..uh..55 to 60?? Oh but ur a trainee so how bout between...23 and 27 ??

Anand said...

Heyy Ms Gemini..when I said they shud think of me when they take that name.. that din come out rite... u know wot I meant..rite?
damn..women !!!
N 55 to 60 is not old..Ur old when u start thinkin old. n that may jus be at any age number. wot say u?
I got yahoo msngr and gtalk. Any that u prefer. Lets take the chat there..wud u prefer??

Pri said...

haha.... my valentines went by playing CRANIUM!!! with the girls.. it was rightly "the single awareness day" for me.. or shud i say for "us" ( u n me) So the movie.. changeling... yup awesome movie!
Just makes me wonder what kind of people exist in this world...
Yet to watch Dev D.. very surprising that piracy hasn't delivered the movie to this part of the wrld till now!!! (very surprising!)
So yup anyways.. hope next year we wud have sum one to eat dinner with at a nice spensive restaurant with some champagne and flowers and chocolate covered strawberries...and not eating chocolate ice cream... btw i had curled chocolate and vanilla ice cream dat night after playing my Cranium!

workhard said...

Hi, hmm, i see how i relate to u, atleast u spent time with someone even if it was your gal friend, me, just myself, how depressssing...