Monday, February 23, 2009

'nother 'un!

Yeah 'twas a Sunday. Had a party that night. I have realized whatever everyone says that to look sexy is not about the body or what you wear but the way you feel, I have one thing to say to them "Its utter crap; and that photography and light play a VERY important role as well". I saw the snaps and I wanted to jump out of the window. But there wasn't any. Thats not the point. I had worn an LBD and I felt my body was sexy, me dress was sexy, hell I FELT sexy, but did the photos and the cellulite which I thought was well hidden 'cuz of my heels made me feel sexy. Of course not. Hence, my above mentioned opinion to the people out there. Please do not get me wrong. I am extremely +ve in my thinking and my day to day life. But hellow, even the Dalai Lama doesn't feel good every passing second. I am sure he must be losing it, though not showing it.
Anywho, I hate photos, I hate wrong angles, I need to work out (which I am doing, I swear), I basically need a good camera man at a venue with excellent, sensor lighting which changes when an over wt. person (read: me) passes by.
I need to have a chocolate.


Anand said...

Not many like their own pics u know. This is a global phenomenon. But then u show the same pics to others n chances r they might like em. It's subjective.
Aft lies in the eyes of the beer..uh..beholder..
Dont stop..keep comin up with more subjects to talk about. Keep the momentum going.
Anand. :-)

Anand said...

drunk losers?? Explanation required.

Anand said...

Hey, Why dont u write a post on that? Good subject, eh?

Anand said...

kool. Then go fr it girl.. u have my aashirwaad, good wishes and a lot of all that free stuff.

SSQuo said...

Gosh, even Megan Fox doesn’t feel sexy all the time, and Kim Kardashian says she never feels sexy even though she looks ‘hot’ all the time. Then you have Susan Sarandon is not conventionally beautiful, but she can be ‘hot’ because she feels it. So it really is a combination. Don’t be so hard on yourself, it’s the camera angle seriously, I mean, the cameraman really SHOULD know everyone’s good side.

PS: Seems like you have a fan!:P

Biju Mathews said...

"...But hellow, even the Dalai Lama doesn't feel good every passing second..." - How true :-)

Keep Blogging!!

workhard said...

I know, when u ready and look real pretty, at least in reality, and u take all these pictures, it comes with a red eye or something always wrong..

Haiku poetry

D said...

Or probably you just need a good photogrpaher!

workhard said...

Or a good camera...

Little Girl Lost said...

SPSA, people don't see your photographs at a party, they see you. and if you are feeling hot, you act hot, and that's what they see... a hot babe. they don't even notice the cellulite.
so what i do is to feel as sexy as i can, and try not to be in any photographs.
actually, what i do is just try to avoid parites :)
this blog is delicious. you've sure got me hooked.

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

@every1: i apologize for replying late.

@anand: thanks for the "aashirwaad"

@ssquo: i totally agree tht the camera man SHOULD know everyone's good side otherwise whts the point, eh?

@biju matthews: hahahaha glad u liked it. thanks!

@workhard: i totally agree with u! stupid red eye.

@D and workhard: sigh! i wish life were tht easy to choose from.

@LLG: hahahhaha im glad someone is interested in the posts! if i strt saying no to parties i might as well become a hermit. life is non adventurou as it is so cannot say no to parties. ive discovered an awesome technique to not to look fat in the pic. u will be reading abt it soon in one of my blogs.